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 2018Boundary organization practices for collaboration in enterprise integrationYeow, Adrian; Sia, Siew Kien; Soh, Christina; Chua, Cecil
 2011Client strategies in vendor transition : a threat balancing perspectiveChua, Cecil Eng Huang; Lim, Wee-Kiat; Soh, Christina; Sia, Siew Kien
2014The credibility crisis in IS : a global stakeholder perspectiveWhitley, Edgar A.; Cecez-Kecmanovic, Dubravka; Hsieh, JJ Po-An; Firth, David; Koch, Hope; Soh, Christina; Looney, Clayton Arlen; Valacich, Joseph S.
2012Enacting clan control in complex IT projects : a social capital perspectiveSoh, Christina; Chua, Cecil Eng Huang; Lim, Wee-Kiat; Sia, Siew Kien
2022Habit and automaticity in medical alert override: cohort studyWang, Le; Goh, Kim Huat; Yeow, Adrian; Poh, Hermione; Li, Ke; Yeow, Joannas Jie Lin; Tan, Gamaliel; Soh, Christina
 2012MNEs and information management : structuring and governing IT resources in the global enterpriseMarkus, M. Lynne; Sia, Siew Kien; Soh, Christina
2007Standards development and diffusion : a case study of RosettaNetBoh, Wai Fong; Soh, Christina; Yeo, Steven
2013Vertical IS standards deployment and integration : a study of antecedents and benefitsXu, Yun; Boh, Wai Fong; Soh, Christina