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1999Audience responses to multimedia hyperfiction : a case study.Chiang, Derrick Yien Chek.; Ong, Toon Hwang.; Yeo, Chuan Liang.
1994Civic-minded AIDS awareness campaigns : message strategies for effectSommerville, Joseph
1995Cross-cultural communicationSommerville, Joseph : an online resource for Singapore students.Lee, Siang Hwee.; Tan, Wah Khuan.; Toh, Yee Suan.
2000Makings of a good web portal: an overview of the major portals in the United States.Lim, Malvin Cheong Beng.
1998Search strategies and information resourcesSommerville, Joseph
2001Through camera lenses : the Eurasian community and culture.Paulo, Derrick A.
2000The use of the internet as a public relations tool by Internet Service Providers in Singapore.Kong, Amy Yean Hwei.; Lan, Chin Yen.; Lim, Hui Sin.