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 2012A handle bar metaphor for virtual object manipulation with mid-air interactionSong, Peng; Goh, Wooi Boon; Liu, Xiaopei; Hutama, William; Fu, Chi-Wing
2017Non-fullerene acceptor-based solar cells : from structural design to interface charge separation and charge transportWang, Qungui; Li, Yuanzuo; Song, Peng; Su, Runzhou; Ma, Fengcai; Yang, Yanhui
2006Photometric calibration and out-of-focus blur compensation for projector camera systemsSong, Peng
 2017Rapid removal of chloroform, carbon tetrachloride and trichloroethylene in water by aluminum-iron alloy particlesXu, Jie; Pu, Yuan; Yang, Xiao Jin; Wan, Pingyu; Wang, Rong; Song, Peng; Fisher, Adrian
 2016Self-Propelled Supercapacitors for On-Demand Circuit Configuration Based on WS2 Nanoparticles MicromachinesMayorga-Martinez, Carmen Clotilde; Moo, James Guo Sheng; Khezri, Bahareh; Song, Peng; Fisher, Adrian C.; Sofer, Zdeněk; Pumera, Martin