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2021Anchor-free multi-level self-localization in ad-hoc networksSong, Yang; Bajaj, Ian; Rabiee, Ramtin; Tay, Wee Peng
2020Arbitrarily strong utility-privacy tradeoff in multi-agent systemsWang, Chong Xiao; Song, Yang; Tay, Wee Peng 
2016Azimuth-elevation direction finding using one four-component acoustic vector-sensor spread spatially as a parallelogram arraySong, Yang; Wong, Kainam Thomas
2017“Blind” calibration of vector sensors whose dipole/loop triads deviate from their nominal gains/phases/orientations/locationsSong, Yang; Wong, Kainam Thomas; Chen, Fangjiong
 2020Closed-form BER expressions of M-ary DCSK systems over multipath Rayleigh fading channelsCai, Guofa; Song, Yang
 2020Compressive privacy for a linear dynamical systemSong, Yang; Wang, Chong Xiao; Tay, Wee Peng
2020Current evidence on traditional Chinese exercise for cancers : a systematic review of randomized controlled trialsSong, Yang; Sun, Dong; István, Bíró; Thirupathi, Anand; Liang, Minjun; Teo, Ee-Chon; Gu, Yaodong
2018Electrically large circular loops in the estimation of an incident emitter’s direction-of-arrival or polarizationKhan, Salman; Song, Yang; Tam, Wai-Yip; Wong, Thomas Kainam
2021Error-correcting output codes with ensemble diversity for robust learning in neural networksSong, Yang; Kang, Qiyu; Tay, Wee Peng
2022Higher-order figure-8 microphones/hydrophones collocated as a perpendicular triad-their "spatial-matched-filter" beam steeringDu, Sandy Shiyu; Wong, Thomas Kainam; Song, Yang; Nnonyelu, Chibuzo Joseph; Wu, Ivan Yue
 2011A lower bound of DOA-estimates by an array randomly subject to sensor-breakdownWong, Thomas Kainam; Wu, Ivan Yue; Hsu, Yu-Sheng; Song, Yang
2019Multi-carrier M-ary DCSK system with code index modulation : an efficient solution for chaotic communicationsCai, Guofa; Fang, Yi; Wen, Jinming; Mumtaz, Shahid; Song, Yang; Frascolla, Valerio
 2022A new reconfigurable intelligent-surface-assisted LoRa systemZhang, Xiaoyu; Xu, Wenyang; Cai, Guofa; Song, Yang; Chen, Guanrong
2019POD-based data mining of turbulent flows in front of and on top of smooth and roughness-resolved forward-facing stepsYang, Shaoqiong; Wu, Yanhua; Song, Yang; Wang, Yanhui; Yang, Ming
2018Privacy-aware Kalman filteringSong, Yang; Wang, Chong Xiao; Tay, Wee Peng
2014Reachability-based robustness verification and optimization of SRAM dynamic stability under process variationsSong, Yang; Yu, Hao; DinakarRao, Sai Manoj Pudukotai
2021A simulation analysis of maternal pelvic floor muscleXuan, Rongrong; Yang, Mingshuwen; Gao, Yajie; Ren, Shuaijun; Li, Jialin; Yang, Zhenglun; Song, Yang; Huang, Xu-Hao; Teo, Ee-Chon; Zhu, Jue; Gu, Yaodong
2013Stable backward reachability correction for PLL verification with consideration of environmental noise induced jitterSong, Yang; Fu, Haipeng; Yu, Hao; Shi, Guoyong
2015Transition metal sulfides and energy application in lithium ion batterySong, Yang
2019UWB/LiDAR fusion for cooperative range-only SLAMSong, Yang; Guan, Mingyang; Tay, Wee Peng; Law, Choi Look; Wen, Changyun