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2010Active source seismic experiment peers under Soufrière hills volcanoMattioli, Glen.; Voight, Barry.; Sparks, R. S. J.; Shalev, E.; Malin, P.; Kenedi, C.; Minshull, T. A.; Paulatto, M.; Hammond, J.; Hidayat, Dannie.; Widiwijayanti, Christina.
2010Explosion dynamics from strainmeter and microbarometer observations, Soufrière hills Volcano, Montserrat : 2008–2009Chardot, L.; Foroozan, R.; Sacks, S.; Linde, A.; Stewart, R.; Fournier, N.; Komorowski, J. C.; Sparks, R. S. J.; Voight, Barry.; Clarke, A. B.; Hidayat, Dannie; Elsworth, Derek; Mattioli, Glen; Widiwijayanti, Christina
2019Forecasting explosion repose intervals with a non-parametric Bayesian survival model : application to Sakura-jima volcano, JapanJenkins, Susanna F.; Goldstein, H.; Bebbington, M. S.; Sparks, R. S. J.; Koyaguchi, Takehiro
2010Three-dimensional seismic velocity tomography of Montserrat from the SEA-CALIPSO offshore/onshore experimentShalev, E.; Kenedi, C. L.; Malin, P.; Voight, V.; Miller, V.; Sparks, R. S. J.; Paulatto, M.; Brown, L.; Hidayat, Dannie.; Mattioli, Glen.; Minshull, T. A.
2010Unique strainmeter observations of Vulcanian explosions, Soufrière hills volcano, Montserrat, July 2003Sacks, S.; Linde, A.; Chardot, L.; Foroozan, R.; Malin, P.; McWhorter, N.; Shalev, E.; Sparks, R. S. J.; Young, S. R.; Clarke, A. B.; Voight, Barry; Hidayat, Dannie; Elsworth, Derek; Mattioli, Glen; Widiwijayanti, Christina