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2018Biosensing with the singular phase of an ultrathin metal-dielectric nanophotonic cavitySreekanth, Kandammathe Valiyaveedu; Sreejith, Sivaramapanicker; Han, Song; Mishra, Amita; Chen, Xiaoxuan; Sun, Handong; Lim, Chwee Teck; Singh, Ranjan
2012Excitation of surface electromagnetic waves in a graphene-based Bragg gratingSreekanth, Kandammathe Valiyaveedu; Zeng, Shuwen; Shang, Jingzhi; Yong, Ken-Tye; Yu, Ting
2018Ge2Sb2Te5 - based tunable perfect absorber cavity with phase singularity at visible frequenciesSreekanth, Kandammathe Valiyaveedu; Han, Song; Singh, Ranjan
2018Giant enhancement in Goos-Hänchen shift at the singular phase of a nanophotonic cavitySreekanth, Kandammathe Valiyaveedu; Ouyang, Qingling; Han, Song; Yong, Ken-Tye; Singh, Ranjan
2015Graphene-gold metasurface architectures for ultrasensitive plasmonic biosensingZeng, Shuwen; Sreekanth, Kandammathe Valiyaveedu; Shang, Jingzhi; Yu, Ting; Chen, Chih-Kuang; Yin, Feng; Baillargeat, Dominique; Coquet, Philippe; Ho, Ho-Pui; Kabashin, Andrei V.; Yong, Ken-Tye
2019Microfluidics integrated lithography-free nanophotonic biosensor for the detection of small moleculesSreekanth, Kandammathe Valiyaveedu; Sreejith, Sivamapanicker; Alapan, Yunus; Sitti, Metin; Lim, Chwee Teck; Singh, Ranjan
2019Super-collimation and negative refraction in hyperbolic Van der Waals superlatticesSreekanth, Kandammathe Valiyaveedu; Simpson, Robert E.
2018Wide bandgap phase change material tuned visible photonicsDong, Weiling; Liu, Hailong; Behera, Jitendra K.; Lu, Li; Ng, Ray J. H.; Sreekanth, Kandammathe Valiyaveedu; Zhou, Xilin; Yang, Joel K. W.; Simpson, Robert E.