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 2022Comparative study of composite scarf and strap joints for equivalent repair signature under uniaxial tensionSrinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Padma, S. Ravisankar; Idapalapati, Sridhar
2020Effect of residual epoxy on single lap joints performanceSrinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Aggarwal, Atin; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Ng, Charles
2020Failure analysis of GFRP single lap joints tailored with a combination of tough epoxy and hyperelastic adhesivesSrinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Ravichandran, Vignesh; Idapalapati, Sridhar
 2021Fracture toughness of the stomatopod dactyl club is enhanced by plastic dissipation: a fracture micromechanics studyChua, Isaiah Jia Qing; Srinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Idapalapati, Sridhar; Miserez, Ali
2020Temperature-dependent peel performance of adhesively rebonded hybrid jointsSrinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Aggarwal, Atin; Idapalapati, Sridhar
2021Thermo-mechanical debonding map for repairing composite–metal adhesive jointsSrinivasan, Dharun Vadugappatty; Idapalapati, Sridhar