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 2011Fast vanishing-point detection in unstructured environmentsMoghadam, Peyman.; Starzyk, Janusz A.; Wijerupage Sardha Wijesoma.
 2011Motivated learning for the development of autonomous systemsStarzyk, Janusz A.; Graham, James T.; Raif, Pawel; Tan, Ah-Hwee
 2012Neural modeling of episodic memory : encoding, retrieval, and forgettingWang, Wenwen; Subagdja, Budhitama; Tan, Ah-Hwee; Starzyk, Janusz A.
 2012Neural network structure for spatio-temporal long-term memoryNguyen, Vu Anh; Goh, Wooi Boon; Jachyra, Daniel; Starzyk, Janusz A.
 2012Sequence recognition with spatio-temporal long-term memory organizationNguyen, Vu Anh; Goh, Wooi Boon; Starzyk, Janusz A.
 2013A spatio-temporal long-term memory approach for visual place recognition in mobile robotic navigationNguyen, Vu Anh; Goh, Wooi Boon; Starzyk, Janusz A.