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2016Bermuda 2.0: reflections from Santa CruzReardon, Jenny; Ankeny, Rachel A.; Bangham, Jenny; Darling, Katherine W.; Hilgartner, Stephen; Jones, Kathryn Maxson; Shapiro, Beth; Stevens, Hallam; The Genomic Open workshop group
2011Coding sequences : a history of sequence comparison algorithms as a scientific instrumentStevens, Hallam
 2012Dr. Sanger, meet Mr. Moore: next-generation sequencing is driving new questions and new modes of researchStevens, Hallam
2017Globalizing Genomics: The Origins of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database CollaborationStevens, Hallam
2011On the means of bioproduction : bioinformatics and how to make knowledge in a high-throughput genomics laboratoryStevens, Hallam
2013Review of : Joseph November (2012) Biomedical computing : digitizing life in the United StatesStevens, Hallam