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2018The collapse of the North Song dynasty and the AD 1048–1128 Yellow River floods : geoarchaeological evidence from northern Henan Province, ChinaStorozum, Michael J.; Zhen, Qin; Xiaolin, Ren; Haiming, Li; Yifu, Cui; Kui, Fu; Haiwang, Liu
 2019Environmental and social factors influencing the spatiotemporal variation of archaeological sites during the historical period in the Heihe River basin, northwest ChinaShi, Zhilin; Chen, Tingting; Storozum, Michael J.; Liu, Fengwen
 2018In-site pollen record from the Dadiwan archaeological site and the human-environment relationship during Marine Oxygen Isotope Stage 3Peng, Wei; Huang, Xiaozhong; Zhang, Dongju; Storozum, Michael J.; Chen, Fahu