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2019Comparison of receptive verbal abilities assessed using the KBIT-2 and BPVS3 in adults with down syndromeStartin, Carla M.; Hamburg, Sarah; Strydom, Andre
2016The importance of understanding individual differences in Down syndromeKarmiloff-Smith, Annette; Al-Janabi, Tamara; D'Souza, Hana; Groet, Jurgen; Massand, Esha; Mok, Kin; Startin, Carla; Fisher, Elizabeth; Hardy, John; Nizetic, Dean; Tybulewicz, Victor; Strydom, Andre
2018Neurofilament light as a blood biomarker for neurodegeneration in down syndromeStrydom, Andre; Heslegrave, Amanda; Startin, Carla M.; Mok, Kin Y.; Hardy, John; Groet, Jurgen; Nizetic, Dean; Zetterberg, Henrik