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2018Cross-modal perception of noise-in-music : audiences generate spiky shapes in response to auditory roughness in a novel electroacoustic concert settingLiew, Kongmeng; Lindborg, PerMagnus; Rodrigues, Ruth; Styles, Suzy J.
2009How do infants build a semantic system?Styles, Suzy J.; Plunkett, Kim.
2017Is a high tone pointy? Speakers of different languages match Mandarin Chinese tones to visual shapes differentlyShang, Nan; Styles, Suzy J.
2008Priming and lexical interference in infancyStyles, Suzy J.; Arias-Trejo, Natalia; Plunkett, Kim
2017To call a cloud ‘cirrus’: sound symbolism in names for categories or itemsKović, Vanja; Sucević, Jelena; Styles, Suzy J.
2017When does maluma/takete fail? two key failures and a meta-analysis suggest that phonology and phonotactics matterStyles, Suzy J.; Gawne, Lauren