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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2014Ab initio simulation of electronic and mechanical properties of aluminium for fatigue early feature investigationZhang, Shuai; Tan, Cher Ming; Cheng, Shuguang; Deng, Tianqi; He, Feifei; Su, Haibin
2007Anomalous polarization switching in organic ferroelectric field effect transistorsNguyen, Chien A.; Lee, Pooi See; Ng, Nathaniel; Su, Haibin; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam; Ma, Jan; Boey, Freddy Yin Chiang
 2013Arene CH=O hydrogen bonding : a stereocontrolling tool in palladium-catalyzed arylation and vinylation of ketonesHuang, Zhiyan; Lim, Li Hui; Chen, Zuliang; Li, Yongxin; Zhou, Feng; Su, Haibin; Zhou, Jianrong Steve
2008Average density of states in disordered graphene systemsWu, Shangduan; Jing, Lei; Li, Qunxiang; Shi, Q. W.; Chen, Jie; Su, Haibin; Wang, Xiaoping; Yang, Jinlong
2017Be12O12 Nano-cage as a Promising Catalyst for CO2 HydrogenationZhu, Haiyan; Li, Yawei; Zhu, Guizhi; Su, Haibin; Chan, Siew Hwa; Sun, Qiang
2014Chain growth mechanism on bimetallic surfaces for higher alcohol synthesis from syngasWang, Jingbo; Zhang, Xiurong; Sun, Qiang; Chan, Siew Hwa; Su, Haibin
 2012Chiral crystallization of aromatic helical foldamers via complementarities in shape and end functionalitiesLi, Sam F. Y.; Zhao, Huaiqing; Ong, Wei Qiang; Zhou, Feng; Fang, Xiao; Chen, Xueyuan; Su, Haibin; Cho, Nam-Joon; Zeng, Huaqiang
 2013Chirally selective growth and extraction of single-wall carbon nanotubes via fullerene nano-peapodsZhang, Jinying; Zhou, Feng; Miyata, Yasumitsu; Kitaura, Ryo; Su, Haibin; Shinohara, Hisanori
 2012“Clean reaction” strategy to approach a stable, green Heptatwistacene containing a single terminal pyrene unitMalliakas, Christos D.; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G.; Xiao, Jinchong; Liu, Yi; Zhou, Feng; Li, Gang; Su, Haibin; Wudl, Fred; Zhang, Qichun
2018Combination therapy strategy of quorum quenching enzyme and quorum sensing inhibitor in suppressing multiple quorum sensing pathways of P. AeruginosaFong, July; Zhang, Chaodong; Yang, Renliang; Boo, Zhao Zhi; Tan, Soon Keat; Givskov, Michael; Liu, Xue-Wei; Bin, Wu; Su, Haibin; Yang, Liang; Nielsen, Thomas Eiland
 2014Comparative studies on rigid π linker-based organic dyes : structure-property relationships and photovoltaic performanceLi, Hairong; Koh, Teck Ming; Hao, Yan; Zhou, Feng; Abe, Yuichiro; Su, Haibin; Hagfeldt, Anders; Grimsdale, Andrew C.
2018Coupled mutations-enabled glycerol transportation in an aquaporin Z mutantPing, Zhi; Zhou, Feng; Lin, Xin; Su, Haibin
2014Cuprate-like electronic properties in superlattices with AgIIF2 square sheetYang, Xiaoping; Su, Haibin
2004Density functional theory and molecular dynamics studies of the energetics and kinetics of electroactive polymers : PVDF and P(VDF-TrFE)Su, Haibin; Strachan, Alejandro; Goddard III, William A.
2016Dielectric relaxation in AC powder electroluminescent devicesZhang, Shuai; Su, Haibin; Tan, Chuan Seng; Wong, Terence Kin Shun; Teo, Ronnie Jin Wah
2006Dynamic friction force in a carbon peapod oscillatorGoddard III, William A.; Su, Haibin; Zhao, Yang
2021Effect of varying the TD-lc-DFTB range-separation parameter on charge and energy transfer in a model pentacene/buckminsterfullerene heterojunctionDarghouth, Ala Aldin M. H. M.; Casida, Mark E.; Zhu, Xi; Natarajan, Bhaarathi; Su, Haibin; Humeniuk, Alexander; Titov, Evgenii; Miao, Xincheng; Mitrić, Roland
2005The effects of space charge, dopants, and strain fields on surfaces and grain boundaries in YBCO compoundsSu, Haibin; Welch, David O.
2018Electrical and electrochemical properties of triphenylene based lithium solvated electron solutionsLunchev, Andrey V.; Liu, Zhihao; Su, Haibin; Yazami, Rachid; Grimsdale, Andrew Clive
2019Electrochemical properties of anthracene-based lithium-solvated electron solutionsLiu, Zhihao; Lunchev, Andrey V.; Li, Wen; Ruan, Shuangchen; Rachid Yazami; Grimsdale, Andrew Clive; Su, Haibin