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 2012Application of supervisory control theory to theme park vehiclesForschelen, Stefan T. J.; Mortel-Fronczak, Joanna M. van de.; Su, Rong.; Rooda, Jacobus E.
2014Automaton-based timed supervisory control for operational planning and scheduling under multiple job deadlinesLin, Liyong; Shehabinia, Ahmad Reza; Brandin, Bertil; Su, Rong.
2016A Flow-based Flight Scheduler for En-route Air Traffic ManagementLi, Qing; Zhang, Yicheng; Su, Rong.
 2012A greedy algorithm for computing finite-makespan controllable sublanguagesSu, Rong.
 2012Maximally permissive coordinated distributed supervisory control of nondeterministic discrete-event systemsSu, Rong.; Schuppen, Jan H. van.; Jacobus E., Rooda.
2017Petri net-based efficient determination of optimal schedules for transport-dominant single-arm multi-cluster toolsYang, Fajun; Wu, Naiqi; Qiao, Yan; Zhou, Mengchu; Su, Rong.; Qu, Ting
 2012Remarks on the difficulty of top-down supervisor synthesisLin, Liyong.; Su, Rong.; Stefanescu, Alin.
 2011The synthesis of time optimal supervisors by using heaps-of-piecesSu, Rong.; van Schuppen, J. H.; Rooda, J. E.