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 2019Continuous rapid dechlorination of p-chlorophenol by Fe-Pd nanoparticles promoted by procyanidinLiu, Mingyue; Huang, Renliang; Li, Chuanxi; Che, Mingda; Su, Rongxin; Li, Shuzhou; Yu, Jing; Qi, Wei; He, Zhimin
2021Effect of hydrophobicity and charge separation on the antifouling properties of surface-tethered zwitterionic peptidesLi, Chuanxi; Li, Minglun; Qi, Wei; Su, Rongxin; Yu, Jing
 2020In situ growth of Au-Ag bimetallic nanorings on optical fibers for enhanced plasmonic sensingShi, Se; Li, Anran; Huang, Renliang; Yu, Jing; Li, Shuzhou; Qi, Wei; He, Zhimin; Su, Rongxin
2020Structures and antifouling properties of self-assembled zwitterionic peptide monolayers : effects of peptide charge distributions and divalent cationsLi, Chuanxi; Liu, Chunjiang; Li, Minglun; Xu, Xin; Li, Shuzhou; Qi, Wei; Su, Rongxin; Yu, Jing