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2010Effect of cold work on the mechanical response of drawn ultra-fine gold wireSridhar, Idapalapati; Subbiah, Sathyan; Narayanan, Karthic R.
2007Effect of finite edge radius on ductile fracture ahead of the cutting tool edge in micro-cutting of Al2024-T3Melkote, Shreyes N.; Subbiah, Sathyan
 2012Effect of side edge angle and effective rake angle on top burrs in micro-millingSaptaji, Kushendarsyah; Subbiah, Sathyan; Dhupia, Jaspreet Singh
2007Evaluation of Atkin's model of ductile machining including the material separation componentSubbiah, Sathyan; Melkote, Shreyes N.
 2012Experimental and numerical investigations of the texture evolution in copper wire drawingSridhar, Idapalapati; Subbiah, Sathyan; Narayanan, Karthic R.
 2012A mechanical route to carbon nanoscrollsSubbiah, Sathyan; Jayasena, B.; Reddy, C. D.
 2011Orthogonal cutting study of the micro-cutting thin workpieceSaptaji, Kushendarsyah; Subbiah, Sathyan