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 2022Heterogeneous photosensitizers: super-efficient dual functional polydopamine nanohybrid for epoxy photopolymerizationSubramanian, Alamelu Suriya; Hu, Matthew Xiao
2021Morphological effects of various silica nanostructures on the mechanical properties of printed parts in digital light projection 3D printingSubramanian, Alamelu Suriya; Peng, Erwin; Lau, Wei Cheng; Goh, Darren Chuen Wee; Pramono, Steven; Sriramulu, Deepa; Wu, Yili; Kobayashi, Hitoshi; Moo, James Guo Sheng; Su, Pei-Cheng
2019Polydopamine nano-hybrids : interfacial and photoactive role in epoxy nanocomposites and polymerizationSubramanian, Alamelu Suriya
 2022Zinc oxide nanoparticles as additives for improved dimensional accuracy in vat photopolymerizationNg, Chin Siang; Subramanian, Alamelu Suriya; Su, Pei-Chen