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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2011An adaptive differential evolution algorithm with novel mutation and crossover strategies for global numerical optimizationSuganthan, P. N.; Ghosh, Saurav; Roy, Subhrajit; Islam, Sk. Minhazul; Das, Swagatam
 2013Adaptive differential evolution with locality based crossover for dynamic optimizationMukherjee, Rohan.; Debchoudhury, Shantanab.; Kundu, Rupam.; Das, Swagatam.; Suganthan, P. N.
 2012A composite heuristic for the no-wait flow shop schedulingGao, Kaizhou; Bao, Zhenqiang; Suganthan, P. N.
 2012Comprehensive comparison of convergence performance of optimization algorithms based on nonparametric statistical testsSuganthan, P. N.; Zhao, Shi-Zheng.
2016Computing with the collective intelligence of honey bees – A surveyRajasekhar, Anguluri; Lynn, Nandar; Das, Swagatam; Suganthan, P. N.
 2012Decomposition-based multiobjective evolutionary algorithm with an ensemble of neighborhood sizesSuganthan, P. N.; Zhao, Shi-Zheng.; Zhang, Qing Fu.
 2012Design of fractional order controller for a servohydraulic positioning system with micro artificial bee colony algorithmRajasekhar, Anguluri.; Das, Swagatam.; Suganthan, P. N.
 2011A differential covariance matrix adaptation evolutionary algorithm for real parameter optimizationGhosh, Saurav; Das, Swagatam; Roy, Subhrajit; Minhazul Islam, S. K.; Suganthan, P. N.
 2012Differential evolution with neighborhood mutation for multimodal optimizationQu, B. Y.; Suganthan, P. N.; Liang, J. J.
 2013A discrete artificial bee colony algorithm for the no-idle permutation flowshop scheduling problem with the total tardiness criterionTasgetiren, M. Fatih.; Pan, Quan-Ke.; Suganthan, P. N.; Oner, Adalet.
 2012Dynamic multi-swarm particle swarm optimization for multi-objective optimization problemsNiu, B.; Liang, J. J.; Qu, B. Y.; Suganthan, P. N.
 2012A dynamic neighborhood learning based particle swarm optimizer for global numerical optimizationNasir, Md.; Das, Swagatam.; Maity, Dipankar.; Sengupta, Soumyadip.; Halder, Udit.; Suganthan, P. N.
 2012Efficient constraint handling for optimal reactive power dispatch problemsJeyadevi, S.; Suganthan, P. N.; Baskar, S.; Mallipeddi, Rammohan.
2012Empirical comparison of bagging-based ensemble classifiersSuganthan, P. N.; Ye, Ren
 2012Ensemble differential evolution with dynamic subpopulations and adaptive clearing for solving dynamic optimization problemsSuganthan, P. N.; Sheldon Hui.
 2013A hybrid discrete differential evolution algorithm for economic lot scheduling problem with time variant lot sizingSuganthan, P. N.; Ganguly, Srinjoy; Chowdhury, Arkabandhu; Mukherjee, Swahum; Das, Swagatam; Chua, Tay Jin
 2012An improved multi-objective optimization algorithm based on fuzzy dominance for risk minimization in biometric sensor networkNasir, M.; Sengupta, S.; Das, S.; Suganthan, P. N.
 2012A kernel-ensemble bagging support vector machineSuganthan, P. N.; Ye, Ren
 2012Niching particle swarm optimization with local search for multi-modal optimizationQu, B. Y.; Liang, J. J.; Suganthan, P. N.
 2012Optimal multi-objective reactive power dispatch considering static voltage stability based on dynamic multi-group self-adaptive differential evolution algorithmSuganthan, P. N.; Zhang, Xuexia; Chen, Weirong