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2009Compact handheld digital holographic microscopy system developmentSui, Liansheng; Singh, Vijay Raj; Anand, Asundi
2019Information encryption based on the customized data container under the framework of computational ghost imagingSui, Liansheng; Du, Cong; Xu, Minjie; Tian, Ailing; Asundi, Anand
2018Optical image encryption via high-quality computational ghost imaging using iterative phase retrievalAsundi, Anand Krishna; Sui, Liansheng; Cheng, Yin; Li, Bing; Tian, Ailing
2019Optical image hiding under framework of computational ghost imaging based on an expansion strategyAnand, Asundi; Sui, Liansheng; Wang, Jiahao; Tian, Ailing