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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Better to remain single? : the state and pro-family drama series in Singapore.Goh, Vanessa Gek Zer.
2016Building a civilised nation of kind citizens : a study on the Singapore kindness movement (SKM)Koh, Hui Yi
2013Civility in public spaces : a case study of MRT trains in Singapore.Seto, Winifred.
16-Apr-2019Constructing social resilience : a perspective of organisational structure and informational relationTasic, Justyna Katarzyna
2018Dating the 'app' wayTan, Michelle Yi Ying; Wong, Jin Ting
2016Death and bereavement in the internet age : online mourning on in shaping bereavement experience in SingaporeLee, Grace Xiao En
2019Digitalizing queer intimacy : LGBTQ in the online worldHo, Denise Jia Ni; Lee, Amanda Xin Ting; Liow, Daphne Ying Xin
2014Engendering taxi-driving in Singapore : a study on gender & technologyYeo, Jason Wei Ling
2015The exclusivity of Art House Films in Singapore : deconstructing social barriersPrabu Krishna Moorthy
2011Exploring youth grassroots nationalism in Singapore : a case study of youth executive committeesFatin Amira Mohamed Noor
2013Facebook : building an "imagined community" for foreign domestic workers.Sun, Natalie.
2010Facebook as juggernaut : understanding social network sites using Gidden’s theoryAng, Seng Keat
2010Forging the nation with the other : nation building and Eurasian identity.Peters, Vanessa.
2015The forgotten diaspora : identity formation for ethnically Paksitani SingaporeansFurqan Akram Khan
2016From smartphones to phantom limbs : examining how the smartphone constitutes the self in Singaporean millenialsCheah, Dionne Wei Lin
2015Gambling island : a look at Singapore Pools and its role on gambling in Singapore societyAng, Darren
2016How Halal are you : how do Muslim youths in Singapore make sense of their dining practices?Nur Ernie Effendi
2015Implicit racism : racial identities and mate selectionTeu, Lay Yan
2015Improvements in mobile technologies : power and authority in the nuclear familyGoh, Asher Mingyuan
2013An insight into the smartphone as a tool in familial relationships in Singapore.Chen, Huilin.