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2018The band-gap modulation of graphyne nanoribbons by edge quantum entrapmentLiu, Yonghui; Bo, Maolin; Huang, Yongli; Sun, Chang Qing
 2015Coordination-resolved spectrometrics of local bonding and electronic dynamics of Au atomic clusters, solid skins, and oxidized foilsYu, Wang; Bo, Maolin; Huang, Yongli; Wang, Yan; Li, Can; Sun, Chang Qing
2014Defects improved photocatalytic ability of TiO2Li, Lei; Tian, Hong-Wei; Meng, Fan-Ling; Hu, Xiao-Ying; Zheng, Wei-Tao; Sun, Chang Qing
2017DFT Study on Intermetallic Pd–Cu Alloy with Cover Layer Pd as Efficient Catalyst for Oxygen Reduction ReactionSun, Chang Qing; Zhu, Weiguang; Liu, Ji; Fan, Xiaofeng
2014Effect of atomic under-coordination on the properties of Ag and Cu nanoclustersAhmadi, Shideh; Zhang, Xi; Gong, Yinyan; Sun, Chang Qing
2014The effects of chemical bonding on the topological property of half- Heusler compounds : first principle calculationLi, C.; Zhao, Y. F.; Chi, B. Q.; Gong, Y. Y.; Sun, Chang Qing
2015Graphene phonon softening and splitting by directional strainingYang, X. X.; Wang, Y.; Li, J. W.; Liao, W. H.; Liu, Y. H.; Sun, Chang Qing
2017HCl, KCl and KOH solvation resolved solute-solvent interactions and solution surface stressZhang, Xi; Xu, Yan; Zhou, Yong; Gong, Yinyan; Huang, Yongli; Sun, Chang Qing
2015Hydrogen-bond relaxation dynamics : resolving mysteries of water iceHuang, Yongli; Zhang, Xi; Ma, Zengsheng; Zhou, Yichun; Zheng, Weitao; Zhou, Ji; Sun, Chang Qing
2015Ice Regelation: Hydrogen-bond extraordinary recoverability and water quasisolid-phase-boundary dispersivityZhang, Xi; Huang, Yongli; Sun, Peng; Liu, Xinjuan; Ma, Zengsheng; Zhou, Yichun; Zhou, Ji; Zheng, Weitao; Sun, Chang Qing
2018(Li, Na, K)OH hydration bonding thermodynamics : solution self-heatingSun, Chang Qing; Yao, Chuang; Chen, Jiasheng; Liu, Xinjuan; Zhang, Xi; Huang, Yongli
2015Local bond-electron-energy relaxation of Mo atomic clusters and solid skinsZhou, Wei; Bo, Maolin; Wang, Yan; Huang, Yongli; Li, Can; Sun, Chang Qing
2014Magnetism induced by excess electrons trapped at diamagnetic edge-quantum well in multi-layer grapheneZhang, Xi; Wang, Chao; Diao, Dongfeng; Sun, Chang Qing
2016Modulation of electronic properties from stacking orders and spin-orbit coupling for 3R-type MoS2Fan, Xiaofeng; Kuo, Jer-Lai; Zheng, Wei Tao; Singh, David Joseph; Sun, Chang Qing; Zhu, Weiguang
2015Oxygenation mediating the valence density-of-states and work function of Ti(0001) skinSun, Chang Qing; Li, Lei; Meng, Fanling; Tian, Hongwei; Hu, Xiaoying; Zheng, Weitao
2016TiO₂ band restructuring by B and P dopantsSun, Chang Qing; Li, Lei; Meng, Fanling; Hu, Xiaoying; Qiao, Liang; Tian, Hongwei; Zheng, Weitao
2015Water nanodroplet thermodynamics : quasi-solid phase boundary dispersivityZhang, Xi; Sun, Peng; Huang, Yongli; Ma, Zengsheng; Liu, Xinjuan; Zhou, Ji; Zheng, Weitao; Sun, Chang Qing