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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2012Bond order resolved 3d 5/2 and valence band chemical shifts of Ag surfaces and nanoclustersSun, Changqing; Qin, Wei; Wang, Yan; Huang, Yongli; Zhou, Zhaofeng; Yang, Chao
2017Catalytic enhancement of gold nanocages induced by undercoordination-charge-polarizationZhang, Xi; Wang, Sanmei; Liu, Yonghui; Li, Lei; Sun, Changqing
2014A common supersolid skin covering both water and iceZhang, Xi; Huang, Yongli; Ma, Zengsheng; Zhou, Yichun; Zheng, Weitao; Zhou, Ji; Sun, Changqing
2014Coordination-resolved local bond contraction and electron binding-energy entrapment of Si atomic clusters and solid skinsSun, Changqing; Bo, Maolin; Wang, Yan; Huang, Yongli; Zhang, Xi; Zhang, Ting; Li, Can
2014Coordination-resolved local bond relaxation, electron binding-energy shift, and Debye temperature of Ir solid skinsWang, Yan; Yang, Xuexian; Yang, Yezi; Li, Can; Bo, Maolin; Sun, Changqing; Huang, Yongli
 2012Correlation between the band gap, elastic modulus, Raman shift and melting point of CdS, ZnS, and CdSe semiconductors and their size dependencyZhou, Zhaofeng; Sun, Changqing; Yang, C.; Li, J. W.; Yang, X. X.; Qin, W.; Jiang, R.; Guo, N. G.; Wang, Y.
2015The effect of surface and interface on Neel transition temperature of low-dimensional antiferromagnetic materialsZhang, Wen; Zhou, Zhaofeng; Zhong, Yuan; Zhang, Ting; Huang, Yongli; Sun, Changqing
 2012Electronic structures and transport properties of fluorinated boron nitride nanoribbonsZeng, Jing; Chen, Ke-Qiu; Sun, Changqing
 2012Electronic transport in the multi-terminal graphene nanodevicesYe, En-Jia; Lan, Jin; Sui, Wen-Quan; Sun, Changqing; Zhao, Xuean
 2012Enhanced photocatalytic reduction of Cr(VI) by ZnO–TiO2–CNTs composites synthesized via microwave-assisted reactionLiu, Xinjuan; Pan, Likun; Lv, Tian; Sun, Zhuo; Sun, Changqing
 2013Green's function in form of Bloch eigenmodes in tight binding representationLan, Jin; Ye, Enjia; Sui, Wenquan; Sun, Changqing; Zhao, Xuean
2013Guanine binding to gold nanoparticles through nonbonding interactionsZhang, Xi; Sun, Changqing; Hirao, Hajime
 2012The hidden force opposing ice compressionZhang, Xi; Sun, Changqing; Zheng, Weitao
2014Hydrogen-bond memory and water-skin supersolidity resolving the Mpemba paradoxZhang, Xi; Huang, Yongli; Ma, Zengsheng; Zhou, Yichun; Zhou, Ji; Zheng, Weitao; Jiang, Qing; Sun, Changqing
2018Hydrogen-bond transition from the vibration mode of ordinary water to the (H, Na)I hydration states : molecular interactions and solution viscosityZhou, Yong; Huang, Yongli; Li, Lei; Gong, Yinyan; Liu, Xinjuan; Zhang, Xi; Sun, Changqing
2016Interface bond relaxation on the thermal conductivity of Si/Ge core-shell nanowiresChen, Weifeng; He, Yan; Sun, Changqing; Ouyang, Gang
 2012Investigation on the effect of atomic defects on the breaking behaviors of gold nanowiresWang, Fenying; Sun, Wei; Wang, Hongbo; Zhao, Jianwei; Kiguchi, Manabu; Sun, Changqing
2007Low temperature growth and characterization of carbon nanostructuresDing, Yu
2014Mediating relaxation and polarization of hydrogen-bonds in water by NaCl salting and heatingZhang, Xi; Yan, Tingting; Huang, Yongli; Ma, Zengsheng; Liu, Xinjuan; Zou, Bo; Sun, Changqing
 2012Mesoscopic superelasticity, superplasticity, and superrigidityHuang, Yongli; Ma, Zengsheng; Zhou, Zhaofeng; Zhou, Yichun; Sun, Changqing