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 2011Brønsted acid catalyzed α-alkylation of aldehydes with diaryl methyl alcoholsXing, Chong; Sun, Hui; Zhang, Junmin; Li, Guohui; Chi, Robin Yonggui
 2013Controlled β-protonation and [4+2] cycloaddition of enals and chalcones via N-heterocyclic carbene/acid catalysis : toward substrate independent reaction controlFu, Zhenqian; Sun, Hui; Chen, Shaojin; Tiwari, Bhoopendra; Li, Guohui; Chi, Robin Yonggui
 2013Theoretical study of N-heterocyclic carbenes-catalyzed cascade annulation of benzodienones and enalsSun, Hui; Fang, Xinqiang; Chi, Robin Yonggui; Li, Guohui