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2014Achieving High Porosity in Scaffold Building Using Electrohydrodynamic Jetting 3D PrintingGuo, Yilin; Fuh, Jerry Ying Hsi; Sun, J.; Ma, S.
2016Along-strike variations of the partitioning of convergence across the Haiyuan fault system detected by InSARDaout, S.; Jolivet, R.; Lasserre, C.; Doin, M.-P.; Barbot, Sylvain; Tapponnier, Paul; Peltzer, G.; Socquet, A.; Sun, J.
2009Co-seismic ruptures of the 12 May 2008, Ms 8.0 Wenchuan earthquake, Sichuan : East–west crustal shortening on oblique, parallel thrusts along the eastern edge of TibetLiu-Zeng, J.; Zhang, Z.; Wen, L.; Sun, J.; Xing, X.; Hu, G.; Xu, Q.; Zeng, L.; Ding, L.; Ji, C.; Hudnut, K. W.; van der Woerd, J.; Tapponnier, Paul
2014Fabrication of Polycaprolactone Scaffolds Using an E-Jet 3D Printing SystemYu, X.; Sun, J.; Wu, Yang; Fuh, Jerry Ying Hsi; Wong, Yoke San
 2020Facilitating interfacial stability via bilayer heterostructure solid electrolyte toward high-energy, safe and adaptable lithium batteriesSun, J.; Yao, X.; Li, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Hou, C.; Shi, Qiuwei; Wang, H.
 2021Hierarchical composite-solid-electrolyte with high electrochemical stability and interfacial regulation for boosting ultra-stable lithium batteriesSun, J.; He, C.; Yao, X.; Song, A.; Li, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Hou, C.; Shi, Qiuwei; Wang, H.