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2022Accurate simulation of spectroscopic signatures of cavity-assisted, conical-intersection-controlled singlet fission processesSun, Kewei; Gelin, Maxim F.; Zhao, Yang
2018Applications of neural networks to the simulation of dynamics of open quantum systemsBandyopadhyay, Sayantan; Huang, Zhongkai; Sun, Kewei; Zhao, Yang
2021A deep-learning approach to the dynamics of Landau-Zener transitionsGao, Linliang; Sun, Kewei; Zheng, Huiru; Zhao, Yang
2022Dynamics of disordered Tavis-Cummings and Holstein-Tavis-Cummings modelsSun, Kewei; Dou, Cunzhi; Gelin, Maxim F.; Zhao, Yang
2021Efficient simulation of time- and frequency-resolved four-wave-mixing signals with a multiconfigurational Ehrenfest approachChen, Lipeng; Sun, Kewei; Shalashilin, Dmitrii V.; Gelin, Maxim F.; Zhao, Yang
2022Engineering cavity singlet fission in rubreneSun, Kewei; Gelin, Maxim F.; Zhao, Yang
2012Excitonic energy transfer in light-harvesting complexes in purple bacteriaYu, Yunjin; Lee, Chee Kong; Cao, Jianshu; Ye, Jun; Sun, Kewei; Zhao, Yang
2019Monitoring of singlet fission via two-dimensional photon-echo and transient-absorption spectroscopy : simulations by multiple Davydov trial statesSun, Kewei; Huang, Zhongkai; Gelin, Maxim F.; Chen, Lipeng; Zhao, Yang
 2020On-Surface Synthesis of a π-Extended Diaza[8]circuleneNakamura, Kimihiro; Li, Qiang-Qiang; Krejčí, Ondřej; Foster, Adam S.; Sun, Kewei; Kawai, Shigeki; Ito, Shingo
2014Path induced coherent energy transfer in light-harvesting complexes in purple bacteriaSun, Kewei; Ye, Jun; Zhao, Yang
2021Photon-assisted Landau-Zener transitions in a periodically driven Rabi dimer coupled to a dissipative modeZheng, Fulu; Shen, Yuejun; Sun, Kewei; Zhao, Yang
2013Polaron dynamics in two-dimensional photon-echo spectroscopy of molecular ringsSun, Kewei; Huynh, Thanh Duc; Gelin, Maxim; Zhao, Yang
2015Quantifying non-Markovianity for a chromophore-qubit pair in a super-Ohmic bathLiu, Jing; Sun, Kewei; Wang, Xiaoguang; Zhao, Yang
2012Resonant energy transfer assisted by off-diagonal couplingWu, Ning; Sun, Kewei; Chang, Zhe; Zhao, Yang
2022Simulation of emission spectra of transition metal dichalcogenide monolayers with the multimode brownian oscillator modelShen, Kaijun; Sun, Kewei; Zhao, Yang
2021Singlet fission dynamics and optical spectra of pentacene and its derivativesSun, Kewei; Liu, Xiaohui; Hu, Wangjun; Zhang, Mingtao; Long, Guankui; Zhao, Yang
2020Temperature effects on singlet fission dynamics mediated by a conical intersectionSun, Kewei; Xu, Quan; Chen, Lipeng; Gelin, Maxim F.; Zhao, Yang
2012Theoretical examination of long-range energy propagation in nano-engineered light-harvesting antenna arraysYang, Guangcan; Wu, Ning; Chen, Tuo; Sun, Kewei; Zhao, Yang
2020Ultrafast dynamics in rubrene and its spectroscopic manifestationHu, Wangjun; Sun, Kewei; Xu, Quan; Chen, Lipeng; Zhao, Yang