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 2015Bi-functional electrode for UV detector and supercapacitorSun, Leimeng; Wang, Xinghui; Zhang, Kang; Zou, Jianping; Yan, Zhiyu; Hu, Xiaonan; Zhang, Qing
 2017Functionalized horizontally aligned CNT array and random CNT network for CO2 sensingWang, Yanrong; Zhang, Kang; Zou, Jianping; Wang, Xinghui; Sun, Leimeng; Wang, Taihong; Zhang, Qing
2014Germanium coated vertically-aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes as lithium-ion battery anodesSusantyoko, Rahmat Agung; Wang, Xinghui; Sun, Leimeng; Pey, Kin Leong; Fitzgerald, Eugene; Zhang, Qing
 2016A hierarchical 3D carbon nanostructure for high areal capacity and flexible lithium ion batteriesWang, Xinghui; Sun, Leimeng; Susantyoko, Rahmat Agung; Zhang, Qing
2017Influences of water molecules on the electronic properties of atomically thin molybdenum disulfideZhang, Kang; Wang, Xingli; Sun, Leimeng; Zou, Jianping; Wang, Jingyuan; Liu, Zheng; Chen, Tupei; Tay, Beng Kang; Zhang, Qing
2014Large scale low cost fabrication of diameter controllable silicon nanowire arraysSun, Leimeng; Fan, Yu; Wang, Xinghui; Agung Susantyoko, Rahmat; Zhang, Qing
 2016Low-Temperature H2S Detection with Hierarchical Cr-Doped WO3 MicrospheresWang, Yanrong; Liu, Bin; Xiao, Songhua; Wang, Xinghui; Sun, Leimeng; Li, Han; Xie, Wuyuan; Li, Qiuhong; Zhang, Qing; Wang, Taihong
2017One-dimensional nanostructured materials for energy storage applicationsSun, Leimeng
 2016Optimization of coplanar high rate supercapacitorsSun, Leimeng; Wang, Xinghui; Liu, Wenwen; Zhang, Kang; Zou, Jianping; Zhang, Qing
 2017Roles of carbon nanotubes in novel energy storage devicesSun, Leimeng; Wang, Xinghui; Wang, Yanrong; Zhang, Qing
 2014Vertically aligned CNT-supported thick Ge films as high-performance 3D anodes for lithium ion batteriesWang, Xinghui; Susantyoko, Rahmat Agung; Fan, Yu; Sun, Leimeng; Xiao, Qizhen; Zhang, Qing