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2015High-power graphene mode-locked Tm/Ho co-doped fiber laser with evanescent field interactionLi, Xiaohui; Yu, Xuechao; Sun, Zhipei; Yan, Zhiyu; Sun, Biao; Cheng, Yuanbing; Yu, Xia; Zhang, Ying; Wang, Qi Jie
2014Nonlinear absorption of SWNT film and its effects to the operation state of pulsed fiber laserLi, Xiaohui; Wang, Yonggang; Wang, Yishan; Zhao, Wei; Yu, Xuechao; Sun, Zhipei; Cheng, Xueping; Yu, Xia; Zhang, Ying; Wang, Qi Jie
2016Single-wall carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide-based saturable absorbers for low phase noise mode-locked fiber lasersLi, Xiaohui; Wu, Kan; Sun, Zhipei; Meng, Bo; Wang, Yonggang; Wang, Yishan; Yu, Xuechao; Yu, Xia; Zhang, Ying; Shum, Perry Ping; Wang, Qi Jie