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 2021Acute gastrointestinal bleeding: proposed study outcomes for new randomised controlled trialsJensen, Dennis M.; Barkun, Alan; Cave, David; Gralnek, Ian M.; Jutabha, Rome; Laine, Loren; Lau, James Y. W.; Saltzman, John R.; Soetikno, Roy; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu
2022Altered mycobiota signatures and enriched pathogenic Aspergillus rambellii are associated with colorectal cancer based on multicohort fecal metagenomic analysesLin, Yufeng; Lau, Harry Cheuk-Hay; Liu, Yali; Kang, Xing; Wang, Yiwei; Ting, Nick Lung-Ngai; Kwong, Thomas Ngai-Yeung; Han, Jing; Liu, Weixin; Liu, Changan; She, Junjun; Wong, Sunny Hei; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Yu, Jun
2022Childhood antibiotics as a risk factor for Crohn's disease: the ENIGMA international cohort studyMak, Joyce W. Y.; Yang, Sun; Stanley, Annalise; Lin, Xiaoqing; Morrison, Mark; Ching, Jessica Y. L.; Niu, Junkun; Wilson-O'Brien, Amy L.; Feng, Rui; Tang, Whitney; Hamilton, Amy L.; Or, Leo; Trakman, Gina L.; Lin, Winnie Y. Y.; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Chen, Ming Hu; Mao, Yinglei; Kamm, Michael A.; Ng, Siew C.
 2022Magnetic microswarm and fluoroscopy-guided platform for biofilm eradication in biliary stentsSun, Mengmeng; Chan, Kai Fung; Zhang, Zifeng; Wang, Lu; Wang, Qinglong; Yang, Shihao; Chan, Shannon Melissa; Chiu, Philip Wai Yan; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Zhang, Li
 2021Mapping ethico-legal principles for the use of artificial intelligence in gastroenterologyStewart, Cameron; Wong, Stephen K. Y.; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu
2022Nurse-led reinforced education by mobile messenger improves the quality of bowel preparation of colonoscopy in a population-based colorectal cancer screening program: a randomized controlled trialLam, Thomas Y. T.; Wu, Peter I.; Tang, Raymond S. Y.; Tse, Y. K.; Lau, James Y. W.; Wu, Justin C. Y.; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu
 2021Towards personalised management for non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleedingSung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Laine, Loren; Kuipers, Ernst J.; Barkun, Alan N.
2021Trends in incidence and clinical outcomes of Clostridioides difficile infection, Hong KongGuo, Cosmos L. T.; Kwong, Thomas N. Y.; Mak, Joyce W. Y.; Zhang, Lin; Lui, Grace C. Y.; Wong, Grace L. H.; Ip, Margaret; Yu, Jun; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Wu, William K. K.; Wong, Sunny Hei
2022Uncovering 1058 novel human enteric DNA viruses through deep long-read third-generation sequencing and their clinical impactZhao, Liuyang; Shi, Yu; Lau, Harry Cheuk-Hay; Liu, Weixin; Luo, Guangwen; Wang, Guoping; Liu, Changan; Pan, Yasi; Zhou, Qiming; Ding, Yanqiang; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Yu, Jun
2022Use of topical mineral powder as monotherapy for treatment of active peptic ulcer bleedingSung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Moreea, Sulleman; Dhaliwal, Harinder; Moffatt, Dana C.; Ragunath, Krish; Ponich, Terry; Barkun, Alan N.; Kuipers, Ernst J.; Bailey, Robert; Donnellan, Fergal; Wagner, David; Sanborn, Keith; Lau, James
 2021The way forward after COVID-19 vaccination : vaccine passports with blockchain to protect personal privacyTsoi, Kelvin K. F.; Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Lee, Helen W. Y.; Yiu, Karen K. L.; Fung, Hong; Wong, Samuel Y. S.
 2022What is unknown in using microbiota as a therapeutic?Sung, Joseph Jao Yiu; Wong, Sunny Hei