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2015A crystal structure of the dengue virus NS5 protein reveals a novel inter-domain interface essential for protein flexibility and virus replicationZhao, Yongqian; Soh, Tingjin Sherryl; Zheng, Jie; Chan, Kitti Wing Ki; Phoo, Wint Wint; Lee, Chin Chin; Tay, Moon Y. F.; Swaminathan, Kunchithapadam; Cornvik, Tobias Carl; Lim, Siew Pheng; Shi, Pei-Yong; Lescar, Julien; Vasudevan, Subhash G.; Luo, Dahai
2015Flexibility of NS5 Methyltransferase-Polymerase Linker Region Is Essential for Dengue Virus ReplicationZhao, Yongqian; Soh, Tingjin Sherryl; Chan, Kitti Wing Ki; Fung, Sarah Suet Yin; Swaminathan, Kunchithapadam; Lim, Siew Pheng; Shi, Pei-Yong; Huber, Thomas; Lescar, Julien; Luo, Dahai; Vasudevan, Subhash G.
 2019A heparan sulfate device for the regeneration of osteochondral defectsLee, Jonathan H.; Luo, Xiaoman; Ren, Xiafei; Tan, Tuan Chun; Smith, Raymond A. A.; Swaminathan, Kunchithapadam; Sekar, Sakthivel; Bhakoo, Kishore; Nurcombe, Victor; Hui, James H.; Cool, Simon M.
2017Mechanisms of Yersinia YopO kinase substrate specificityLee, Wei Lin; Singaravelu, Pavithra; Wee, Sheena; Xue, Bo; Ang, Khay Chun; Gunaratne, Jayantha; Grimes, Jonathan M.; Swaminathan, Kunchithapadam; Robinson, Robert C.
2015Molecular basis for specific viral RNA recognition and 2' -O-ribose methylation by the dengue virus nonstructural protein 5 (NS5)Zhao, Yongqian; Soh, Tingjin Sherryl; Lim, Siew Pheng; Chung, Ka Yan; Swaminathan, Kunchithapadam; Vasudevan, Subhash G.; Shi, Pei-Yong; Lescar, Julien; Luo, Dahai