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2018Biomechanical design of the mantis shrimp saddle : a biomineralized spring used for rapid raptorial strikesTadayon, Maryam; Amini, Shahrouz; Wang, Zhongke; Miserez, Ali Gilles Tchenguise
 2019A diecast mineralization process forms the tough mantis shrimp dactyl clubAmini, Shahrouz; Tadayon, Maryam; Loke, Jun Jie; Kumar, Akshita; Kanagavel, Deepankumar; Le Ferrand, Hortense; Duchamp, Martial; Raida, Manfred; Sobota, Radoslaw M.; Chen, Liyan; Hoon, Shawn; Miserez, Ali
 2018Multi-scale structural design and biomechanics of the pistol shrimp snapper clawAmini, Shahrouz; Tadayon, Maryam; Chua, Julianto Q. Isaiah; Miserez, Ali
2016Spring-like biomineralized hard structures : lessons from stomatopodsTadayon, Maryam