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 2013Aircraft morphing wing design by using partial topology optimizationSleesongsom, S.; Bureerat, S.; Tai, K.
 2012Comparison of regression analysis, artificial neural network and genetic programming in handling the multicollinearity problemGarg, A.; Tai, K.
 2012Discrete optimization of truss structure using probability collectivesAzad, S. Kazemzadeh; Kulkarni, Anand J.; Kale, I. R.; Tai, K.
 2013A hybrid M5 ′ -genetic programming approach for ensuring greater trustworthiness of prediction ability in modelling of FDM processGarg, A.; Tai, K.; Lee, C. H.; Savalani, M. M.
 2012A modified feasibility-based rule for solving constrained optimization problems using probability collectivesKulkarni, Anand J.; Patankar, N.S.; Sandupatla, Amani.; Tai, K.
 2014On the study of machining characteristics of 2-D nanoscale materialVijayaraghavan, V.; Garg, A.; Wong, C. H.; Tai, K.; Sumithra, K.; Singru, Pravin M.; Gao, L.; Mahapatra, S. S.
 2012Review of genetic programming in modeling of machining processesGarg, A.; Tai, K.