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2022Assessing uncertainties in infrasound network performance modelling: application to the Euro-Mediterranean and Southeast Asian regionTailpied, Dorianne; Le Pichon, Alexis; Taisne, Benoit
2020Estimates of plume height from infrasound for regional volcano monitoringPerttu, Anna; Taisne, Benoit; De Angelis, Silvio; Assink, Jelle D.; Tailpied, Dorianne; Williams, Ross Adrian
2019Infrasound and seismoacoustic signatures of the 28 September 2018 Sulawesi super-shear earthquakePilger, Christoph; Gaebler, Peter; Ceranna, Lars; Le Pichon, Alexis; Vergoz, Julien; Perttu, Anna; Tailpied, Dorianne; Taisne, Benoit
2020Reconstruction of the 2018 tsunamigenic flank collapse and eruptive activity at Anak Krakatau based on eyewitness reports, seismo-acoustic and satellite observationsPerttu, Anna; Caudron, C.; Assink, J. D.; Metz, D.; Tailpied, Dorianne; Perttu, B.; Hibert, C.; Nurfiani, Dini; Pilger, C.; Muzli, Muzli; Fee, D.; Andersen, O. L.; Taisne, Benoît