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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20093D circuit model for 3D IC reliability studyTan, Cher Ming; He, Feifei
20123D simulation-based research on the effect of interconnect structures on circuit reliabilityHe, Feifei; Tan, Cher Ming
 2014Ab initio simulation of electronic and mechanical properties of aluminium for fatigue early feature investigationZhang, Shuai; Tan, Cher Ming; Cheng, Shuguang; Deng, Tianqi; He, Feifei; Su, Haibin
2002Application of low frequency noise in the study of VLSI electromigrationLim, Shin Yeh.
2002Application of Wigner–Ville distribution in electromigration noise analysisTan, Cher Ming; Lim, Shin Yeh
 2011Applications of finite element methods for reliability study of ULSI interconnectionsTan, Cher Ming; Li, Wei; Gan, Zhenghao
2012Applications of multi-walled carbon nanotube in electronic packagingTan, Cher Ming; Baudot, Jacques Desire Charles; Han, Yongdian; Jing, Hongyang
2010Characterization of failure in integrated circuit due to electrostatic discharge (ESD)Goh, Jia Jun.
2002Characterization techniques for power semiconductor and magnetic drivesTseng, King Jet; Foo, Chek Fok; Tan, Cher Ming
2009Comparative study of non-standard power diodesTan, Cher Ming; Raghavan, Nagarajan; Sun, Lina; Hsu, Chuck; Wang, Chase
 2011Comparison of electromigration simulation in test structure and actual circuitHe, Feifei; Tan, Cher Ming
2006Comparison of medium-vacuum and plasma-activated low-temperature wafer bondingTan, Cher Ming; Yu, Weibo; Wei, Jun
 2009Comparison of stress-induced voiding phenomena in copper line–via structures with different dielectric materialsHou, Yuejin; Tan, Cher Ming
 2012Creep mitigation in Sn–Ag–Cu composite solder with Ni-coated carbon nanotubesNai, S. M. L.; Xu, L. Y.; Wei, J.; Han, Yongdian; Jing, Hongyang; Tan, Cher Ming
2005Current crowding effect on copper dual damascene via bottom failure for ULSI applicationsVairagar, A. V.; Tan, Cher Ming; Arijit, Roy; Krishnamoorthy, Ahila; Mhaisalkar, Subodh Gautam
 2014Damage threshold determination and non-destructive identification of possible failure sites in PIN limiterTan, Cher Ming; Yu, Wen Zhi
 2012Degradation behavior of high power light emitting diode under high frequency switchingChen, S. H.; Tan, G. H.; Tan, Cher Ming; He, Feifei
2014Degradation model of a linear-mode LED driver and its application in lifetime predictionLan, Song; Tan, Cher Ming
2003Design and fabrication of insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) using wafer bonding technologyTan, Cher Ming.; Tse, Man Siu.
2002Design of insulated gate bipolar transistor using novel structureZhang, Guowei