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2019Amorphous TiO2 coated hierarchical WO3 nanosheet/CdS nanorod arrays for improved photoelectrochemical performanceWang, Zhiwei; Yang, Guang; Tan, Chiew Kei; Nguyen, Tam Duy; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
 2022Direct reuse of electronic plastic scraps from computer monitor and keyboard to direct stem cell growth and differentiationShi, Pujiang; Tan, Chiew Kei; Wu, Zhuoran; Gabriel, Jean-Christophe P.; Srinivasan, Madhavi; Lee, Jong-Min; Tay, Chor Yong
2016Extraction and encapsulation of Withania coagulans for wound healingTan, Chiew Kei
 2020Fabrication and characterization of graphene quantum dots thin film for reducing cross-sectional heat transfer through smart windowNguyen, Tam Duy; Yeo, Loo Pin; Kiw, Si Yang; Tan, Chiew Kei; Wang, Zhiwei; Mandler, Daniel; Magdassi, Shlomo; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2018Highly porous SnO2 nanosheet arrays sandwiched within TiO2 and CdS quantum dots for efficient photoelectrochemical water splittingWang, Zhiwei; Li, Xianglin; Tan, Chiew Kei; Qian, Cheng; Grimsdale, Andrew Clive; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2019Ordered array of metal particles on semishell separated with ultrathin oxide : fabrication and SERS propertiesLi, Xianglin; Wang, Zhiwei; Shen, Zexiang; Tan, Chiew Kei; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
 2020Periodic FTO IOs/CdS NRs/CdSe clusters with superior light scattering ability for improved photoelectrochemical performanceWang, Zhiwei ; Nguyen, Tam Duy; Yeo, Loo Pin; Tan, Chiew Kei; Gan, Lin; Tok, Alfred Iing Yoong
2019Small-intestine-specific delivery of antidiabetic extracts from withania coagulans using polysaccharide-based enteric-coated nanoparticlesSampathkumar, Kaarunya; Riyajan, Siriporn; Tan, Chiew Kei; Demokritou, Philip; Chudapongse, Nuannoi; Loo, Joachim Say Chye