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2004Alignment of DNA sequencesYang, Wen Wei
2001Behavioral and autonomous agents for computer animationHo, Kee Ping.
2007Biological signal processing based on time-frequency distribution analysisYu, Renjun
2001Computer architecture, digital systems and parallel processingAnil Gupta; Tan, Eng Chong; Hui, Siu Cheung; Li, Ling; Ian, McLouglin; Jagath Chandana Rajapakse; Thambipillai Srikanthan
2001Computer architecture, networking and parallel processingGupta, Anil Kumar; Tan, Eng Chong; Hsu, Wen Jing; Li, Ling; Vun, Nicholas; Thambipillai Srikanthan; Chan, Tony Kai Yun; Chong, Man Nang; Hui, Siu Cheung
2000Design and implementation issues for an electronic white board for the InternetXiao, Dan
2003Enhancement of GSM codec for different language contextsDing, Zhong Qiang
1999Implementation of real-time low-rate speech coder with echo and noise cancellerTan, Eng Chong; Abdul Wahab; Sevki S. Erdogan
2000Lossless image coding of medical imagesWu, Dajun.
1997Optimisation of reed-muller circuitsYang, Hong
1999Real-time implementation of MELP vocoderTeo, Tse Tsong.
2004Soft computing architecture for speech enhancement in vehicular environmentAbdul Wahab Abdul Rahman
2002Web-based visualization of geographical informationZhu, Chao.