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1999Ageing and long term care in Singapore.Cheah, Chin Han.; Chew, Su Yi.; Wong, George Chung Ming.
1999Applications of share ratios in Singapore.Foo, Shan Shan.; Tan, Chiew Yen.; Yeo, Keng Leong.
2001Constructing a bond index for Singapore Government securitiesDonny Kurniawan
2003Issues on aging population.Chan, Wing Yee.; Li, Wenlin.; Toh, Wilson Kim Seng.
2004Marriage and fertility patterns in Singapore.Lee, Chin Kit.; Tan, Chong Siong.; Yong, Chia Jack.
1999On the siting of nimby facilities : some Singaporean resultsAw, Ee Ling; Lim, Pei Bin; Neo, Pay Peng
2000A study of second-hand smoke in Singapore.Lee, Soo Cheng.; Tan, Wei Ying.
2002A study on major causes of death in Singapore : an analysis of mortality trends by various risk factors and related issues.Ong, Hai Wen.; Teo, Michelle May Ping.; Yeo, Siok Yong.