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 2019Cellulose synthesis - central components and their evolutionary relationshipsLampugnani, Edwin R.; Flores-Sandoval, Eduardo; Tan, Qiao Wen; Mutwil, Marek; Bowman, John L.; Persson, Staffan
2021Conserved sequence motifs in human TMTC1, TMTC2, TMTC3, and TMTC4, new O-mannosyltransferases from the GT-C/PMT clan, are rationalized as ligand binding sitesEisenhaber, Birgit; Sinha, Swati; Jadalanki, Chaitanya K.; Shitov, Vladimir A.; Tan, Qiao Wen; Sirota, Fernanda L.; Eisenhaber, Frank : comparative transcriptomic and co-expression analyses of diurnal gene expression of the Archaeplastida kingdomNg, Jonathan Wei Xiong; Tan, Qiao Wen; Ferrari, Camilla; Mutwil, Marek
 2019Enhancing antigen cross-presentation in human monocyte-derived dendritic cells by recruiting the intracellular Fc receptor TRIM21Ng, Patricia M. L.; Kaliaperumal, Nivashini; Lee, Chia Yin; Chin, Wen Jie; Tan, Hwee Ching; Au, Veonice B.; Goh, Angeline X.-H.; Tan, Qiao Wen; Yeo, Darren S. G.; Connolly, John E.; Wang, Cheng-I
2018Genes for carnivory : a comparative study on the local duplication of papain-like cysteine proteases in carnivorous plantsTan, Qiao Wen
2019Inferring biosynthetic and gene regulatory networks from Artemisia annua RNA sequencing data on a credit card-sized ARM computerTan, Qiao Wen; Mutwil, Marek
2020LSTrAP-Cloud : a user-friendly cloud computing pipeline to infer coexpression networksTan, Qiao Wen; Goh, William; Mutwil, Marek
2020LSTrAP-Crowd : prediction of novel components of bacterial ribosomes with crowd-sourced analysis of RNA sequencing dataHew, Benedict; Tan, Qiao Wen; Goh, William; Ng, Jonathan Wei Xiong; Mutwil, Marek - comparative genomic and transcriptomic database for Plasmodium speciesTan, Qiao Wen; Mutwil, Marek