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 2012Analysis of physiological responses from multiple subjects for emotion recognitionGu, Yuan; Wong, Kai-Juan; Tan, Su-Lim
 2012GPS multipath mitigation : a nonlinear regression approachTan, Su-Lim; Phan, Quoc-Huy; McLoughlin, Ian Vince
 2012A novel TDMA-based MAC protocol for mobile in-vivo body sensor networksLin, Lin; Wong, Kai-Juan; Kumar, Arun; Tan, Su-Lim; Phee, Soo Jay
 2013Toward efficient distributed algorithms for in-network binary operator tree placement in wireless sensor networksLu, Zongqing; Wen, Yonggang; Fan, Rui; Tan, Su-Lim; Biswas, Jit