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20183D printing of feed channel spacers for spiral wound membrane modulesTan, Wen See
2018Design and development of novel feed spacers in spiral wound membrane modules with 3D printingTan, Wen See; Chua, Chee Kai; Chong, Tzyy Haur; An, Jia
 2019Enhancing fouling mitigation of submerged flat-sheet membranes by vibrating 3D-spacersTan, Yong Zen; Mao, Ziming; Zhang, Yanjun; Tan, Wen See; Chong, Tzyy Haur; Wu, Bing; Chew, Jia Wei
2014Morphological Comparison of 3D Printed Feed Spacers for Spiral Wound Membrane ModulesTan, Wen See; Chua, Chee Kai; Fane, Anthony Gordon; An, Jia; Chong, Tzyy Haur
 2015The potential to enhance membrane module design with 3D printing technologyLee, Jian-Yuan; Tan, Wen See; An, Jia; Chua, Chee Kai; Tang, Chuyang Y.; Fane, Anthony Gordon; Chong, Tzyy Haur
2016Selective Laser Sintering Of Polypropylene Feed Spacers For Spiral Wound Membrane ModulesFane, Anthony Gordon; An, Jia; Chua, Chee Kai; Chong, Tzyy Haur; Tan, Wen See
 2019Spacer vibration for fouling control of submerged flat sheet membranesWu, Bing; Zhang, Yanjun; Mao, Ziming; Tan, Wen See; Tan, Yong Zen; Chew, Jia Wei; Chong, Tzyy Haur; Fane, Anthony Gordon