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2016Discovery of a small-molecule binder of the oncoprotein gankyrin that modulates gankyrin activity in the cellChattopadhyay, Anasuya; O’Connor, Cornelius J.; Zhang, Fengzhi; Galvagnion, Celine; Galloway, Warren R. J. D.; Tan, Yaw Sing; Stokes, Jamie E.; Rahman, Taufiq; Verma, Chandra; Spring, David R.; Itzhaki, Laura S.
2019Efficient development of stable and highly functionalised peptides targeting the CK2α/CK2β protein–protein interactionIegre, Jessica; Brear, Paul; Baker, David J.; Tan, Yaw Sing; Atkinson, Eleanor L.; Sore, Hannah F.; O' Donovan, Daniel H.; Hyvönen, Marko; Spring, David R.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar
2019Inhibiting S100B(ββ) for activating wild-type p53 : design of stapled peptidesKannan, Srinivasaraghavan; Aronica, Pietro G. A.; Tan, Yaw Sing; Verma, Chandra Shekhar
2019Kinetic and thermodynamic effects of phosphorylation on p53 binding to MDM2Yadahalli, Shilpa; Neira, José L.; Johnson, Christopher M.; Tan, Yaw Sing; Rowling, Pamela J. E.; Chattopadhyay, Anasuya; Itzhaki, Laura S.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar
2016The p53–Mdm2 interaction and the E3 ligase activity of Mdm2/Mdm4 are conserved from lampreys to humansVenkatesh, Byrappa; Lane, David P.; Coffill, Cynthia R.; Lee, Alison P.; Siau, Jia Wei; Chee, Sharon M.; Joseph, Thomas L.; Tan, Yaw Sing; Madhumalar, Arumugam; Tay, Boon-Hui; Brenner, Sydney; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Ghadessy, Farid J.
2017Role of the N-terminal lid in regulating the interaction of phosphorylated MDMX with p53Chan, Jane Vin; Koh, Dawn Xin Ping; Liu, Yun; Joseph, Thomas L.; Lane, David P.; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Tan, Yaw Sing
2019Roles of computational modelling in understanding p53 structure, biology, and its therapeutic targetingTan, Yaw Sing; Mhoumadi, Yasmina; Verma, Chandra Shekhar
2018Stapled peptides as a new technology to investigate protein–protein interactions in human plateletsIegre, Jessica; Ahmed, Niaz S.; Gaynord, Josephine S.; Wu, Yuteng; Herlihy, Kara M.; Tan, Yaw Sing; Lopes-Pires, Maria E.; Jha, Rupam; Lau, Yu Heng; Sore, Hannah F.; Verma, Chandra; O' Donovan, Daniel H.; Pugh, Nicholas; Spring, David R.
 2018Targeting cancer addiction for SALL4 by shifting its transcriptome with a pharmacologic peptideLiu, Bee Hui; Jobichen, Chacko; Chia, Brian C. S.; Chan, Tim Hon Man; Tang, Jing Ping; Chung, Theodora X. Y.; Li, Jia; Poulsen, Anders; Hung, Alvin W.; Koh-Stenta, Xiaoying; Tan, Yaw Sing; Verma, Chandra Shekhar; Tan, Hong Kee; Wu, Chan-Shuo; Li, Feng; Hill, Jeffrey; Joy, Joma; Chai, Li; Sivaraman, J.; Tenen, Daniel G.
2014The use of chlorobenzene as a probe molecule in molecular dynamics simulationsTan, Yaw Sing; Spring, David R.; Abell, Chris; Verma, Chandra