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 2012Age as a factor in ethnic accent identification in SingaporeTan, Ying Ying
1994Case study of cost allocation practices in SingaporeTan, Ying Ying; Lee, Tang Khee; Sim, Yong Thiam
 2020The homogenization of ethnic differences in Singapore English? A consonantal production studyKalaivanan, Kastoori; Sumartono, Firqin; Tan, Ying Ying
 2019Linguistic insecurity and the linguistic ownership of English among Singaporean ChineseFoo, Amanda Limin; Tan, Ying Ying
2021Navigating : homeTan, Ying Ying
 2020Questioning the Herderian idealMishra, Pritipuspa; Tan, Ying Ying
 2020Singapore EnglishCavallaro, Francesco; Ng, Bee Chin; Tan, Ying Ying
 2010Singing the same tune? Prosodic norming in bilingual SingaporeansTan, Ying Ying
 2012To r or not to r: social correlates of /ɹ/ in Singapore EnglishTan, Ying Ying