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 2017Audiences’ acts of authentication in the age of fake news: a conceptual frameworkTandoc, Edson C.; Ling, Richard; Westlund, Oscar; Duffy, Andrew; Goh, Debbie; Zheng Wei, Lim
 2019Comments, analytics, and social media : the impact of audience feedback on journalists’ market orientationHanusch, Folker; Tandoc, Edson C.
 2018Fake news as a critical incident in journalismTandoc, Edson C.; Jenkins, Joy; Craft, Stephanie
2017Frankenstein journalismDuffy, Andrew; Tandoc, Edson C.; Ling, Richard
2019Journalism at the peripheryTandoc, Edson C.
2014Journalism is twerking? How web analytics is changing the process of gatekeepingTandoc, Edson C.
2016Keeping up with the audiences : journalistic role expectations in SingaporeDuffy, Andrew; Tandoc, Edson C.
 2021Mainstream news media’s role in public health communication during crises : assessment of coverage and correction of COVID-19 misinformationLwin, May Oo; Lee, Si Yu; Panchapakesan, Chitra; Tandoc, Edson C.
 2020Man vs. Machine? The impact of algorithm authorship on news credibilityTandoc, Edson C.; Yao, Lim Jia; Wu, Shangyuan
 2020News : mobiles, mobilities and their meeting pointsDuffy, Andrew; Ling, Rich; Kim, Nuri; Tandoc, Edson C.; Westlund, Oscar
2015One journalist, two roles : what happens when journalists also work as media coordinators?Tandoc, Edson C.; Peters, Jonathan
2014The roles of the game : the influence of news consumption patterns on the role conceptions of journalism studentsTandoc, Edson C.
2014So says the stars : a textual analysis of glamour, essence and teen vogue horoscopesTandoc, Edson C.; Ferrucci, Patrick
 2017The spiral of stereotyping : social identity theory and NFL quarterbacksFerrucci, Patrick; Tandoc, Edson C.
 2019Tell me who your sources are : perceptions of news credibility on social mediaTandoc, Edson C.
2021What is (fake) news? Analyzing news values (and more) in fake storiesTandoc, Edson C.; Thomas, Ryan J.; Bishop, Lauren
 2019When journalism and automation intersect : assessing the influence of the technological field on contemporary newsroomsWu, Shangyuan; Tandoc, Edson C.; Salmon, Charles Thomas
2017When news meets the audience : how audience feedback online affects news production and consumptionLee, Eun-Ju; Tandoc, Edson C.