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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
 2022Adaptive genetic algorithm enabled tailoring of piezoelectric metamaterials for optimal vibration attenuationJian, Yupei; Tang, Lihua; Hu, Guobiao; Wang, Yuesheng; Aw, Kean C.
2011Analysis of synchronized charge extraction for piezoelectric energy harvestingTang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen
2013Broadband energy harvesting using nonlinear 2-DOF configurationYang, Yaowen; Soh, Chee Kiong; Wu, Hao; Tang, Lihua; Avvari, Panduranga Vittal
 2012A compact 2 degree-of-freedom energy harvester with cut-out cantilever beamWu, Hao; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen; Soh, Chee Kiong
2013Comparative study of tip cross-sections for efficient galloping energy harvestingYang, Yaowen; Zhao, Liya; Tang, Lihua
2013Comparison of modeling methods and parametric study for a piezoelectric wind energy harvesterZhao, Liya; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen
 2022Deep-subwavelength interface states in mechanical systemsHu, Guobiao; Lan, Chunbo; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen
 2022Design of graded piezoelectric metamaterial beam with spatial variation of electrodesJian, Yupei; Tang, Lihua; Hu, Guobiao; Li, Zhaoyu; Aw, Kean C.
2014Development of a broadband nonlinear two-degree-of-freedom piezoelectric energy harvesterWu, Hao; Soh, Chee Kiong; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen
 2022Dynamics and power limit analysis of a galloping piezoelectric energy harvester under forced excitationHu, Guobiao; Lan, Chunbo; Tang, Lihua; Zhou, Bo; Yang, Yaowen
2021Energy localization and topological protection of a locally resonant topological metamaterial for robust vibration energy harvestingLan, Chunbo; Hu, Guobiao; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen
2013Enhancement of piezoelectric energy harvesting with multi-stable nonlinear vibrationsYang, Yaowen; Soh, Chee Kiong; Avvari, Panduranga Vittal; Tang, Lihua
2009Equivalent circuit modeling of piezoelectric energy harvestersYang, Yaowen; Tang, Lihua
2014Equivalent circuit representation and analysis of galloping-based wind energy harvestingTang, Lihua; Zhao, Liya; Yang, Yaowen; Lefeuvre, Elie
 2021Exploring the potential benefits of using metasurface for galloping energy harvestingWang, Junlei; Sun, Shaokang; Hu, Guobiao; Yang, Yaowen; Tang, Lihua; Li, Pan; Zhang, Guojie
2014Feasibility study of multi-directional vibration energy harvesting with a frame harvesterWu, Hao; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen; Soh, Chee Kiong
2021A generic theoretical approach for estimating bandgap bounds of metamaterial beamsJian, Yupei; Hu, Guobiao; Tang, Lihua; Xu. Jiawen; Aw, Kean C.
2012Improving functionality of vibration energy harvesters using magnetsTang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen; Soh, Chee Kiong
 2018Investigation of multimodal electret-based MEMS energy harvester with impact-induced nonlinearityTao, Kai; Tang, Lihua; Wu, Jin; Lye, Sun Woh; Chang, Honglong; Miao, Jianmin
 2022Local resonator stimulated polarization transition in metamaterials and the formation of topological interface statesHu, Guobiao; Lan, Chunbo; Tang, Lihua; Yang, Yaowen