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 2011A long-reach WDM passive optical network enabling broadcasting service with centralized light sourceFu, Songnian; Shum, Perry Ping; Liu, D.; Tang, M.; Liu, D.
2013A nanoelectromechanical systems actuator driven and controlled by Q-factor attenuation of ring resonatorDong, Bin; Ng, Geok Ing; Liu, Ai Qun; Cai, H.; Kropelnicki, P.; Tsai, J. M.; Randles, A. B.; Tang, M.; Gu, Y. D.; Suo, Z. G.
2015Offset-16QAM-based coherent WDM with multi-carrier group detectionXiang, Meng; Fu, Songnian; Tang, M.; Shum, P.; Liu, Deming
2015Terabit WSDM Optical Access Network Using Multicore Fibers and Advanced Modulation FormatsLiu, S.; Feng, Z.; Li, B.; Wang, R.; Xu, Z.; Shum, Perry Ping; Lin, R.; Tang, M.; Fu, S.; Tong, W.