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2013Calculation of the diffraction efficiency on concave gratings based on Fresnel–Kirchhoff’s diffraction formulaHuang, Yuanshen; Li, Ting; Xu, Banglian; Hong, Ruijin; Tao, Chunxian; Ling, Jinzhong; Li, Baicheng; Zhang, Dawei; Ni, Zhengji; Zhuang, Songlin
2017Fabrication of Au/graphene oxide/Ag sandwich structure thin film and its tunable energetics and tailorable optical propertiesHong, Ruijin; Ji, Jialin; Tao, Chunxian; Zhang, Daohua; Zhang, Dawei
2014Fiber-optic temperature sensor based on temperature-dependent refractive index of Germanium-silica coating stackHuang, Yuanshen; Zhang, Daohua; Zhang, Dawei; Tao, Chunxian; Hong, Ruijin