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2020A composite rupture model for the great 1950 Assam earthquake across the cusp of the East Himalayan SyntaxisCoudurier-Curveur, A.; Tapponnier, P.; Okal, E.; Van der Woerd, J.; Kali, E.; Choudhury, S.; Baruah, S.; Etchebes, M.; Karakaş, Ç.
2020Is there a nascent plate boundary in the Northern Indian Ocean?Coudurier‐Curveur, Aurélie; Karakaş, Ç.; Singh, S.; Tapponnier, P.; Carton, H.; Hananto, N.
2019Post earthquake aggradation processes to hide surface ruptures in thrust systems : the M8.3, 1934, Bihar-Nepal earthquake ruptures at Charnath Khola (eastern Nepal)Rizza, M.; Bollinger, L.; Sapkota, S. N.; Tapponnier, P.; Klinger, Y.; Karakaş, C.; Kali, E.; Etchebes, M.; Tiwari, D. R.; Siwakoti, I.; Bitri, A.; Bes de Berc, S.
2020Tsunami earthquakes : vertical pop-up expulsion at the forefront of subduction megathrustHananto, N. D.; Leclerc, F.; Li, L.; Etchebes, M.; Carton, H.; Tapponnier, P.; Qin, Y.; Avianto, P.; Singh, S.C.; Wei, S.