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2018A behavioral task with more opportunities for memory acquisition promotes the survival of new neurons in the adult dentate gyrusAasebø, Ida E. J.; Kasture, Ameya Sanjay; Passeggeri, Marzia; Tashiro, Ayumu
2017A critical period for antidepressant-induced acceleration of neuronal maturation in adult dentate gyrusÅmellem, Ingrid; Suresh, S.; Chang, Ching Ching; Tok, S. S. L.; Tashiro, Ayumu
2015A neuroprotective role for microRNA miR-1000 mediated by limiting glutamate excitotoxicityVerma, Pushpa; Augustine, George James; Ammar, Mohamed-Raafet; Tashiro, Ayumu; Cohen, Stephen M
2015Novelty-induced phase-locked firing to slow gamma oscillations in the hippocampus : requirement of synaptic plasticityKitanishi, Takuma; Ujita, Sakiko; Fallahnezhad, Mehdi; Kitanishi, Naomi; Ikegaya, Yuji; Tashiro, Ayumu
2016Place cells and long-term potentiation in the hippocampusCobar, Luis Fernando; Yuan, Li; Tashiro, Ayumu