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20143D Printing of Customized Biomedical Scaffolds and ImplantsWiria, Florencia Edith; Chandrasekaran, Margam; Zhang, Su Xia; Maleksaeedi, Saeed; He, Zeming; Tay, Bee Yen
2014Development of new generation bone graft material : silver, silicon co-substituted Apatite with bi-functional propertiesLim, Poon Nian; Chang, Lei; Ho, Bow; Tay, Bee Yen; Cleo, Choong; Thian, Eng San
 2017Direct Selective Laser Sintering and Melting of Ceramics: A reviewSing, Swee Leong; Yeong, Wai Yee; Wiria, Florencia Edith; Tay, Bee Yen; Zhao, Ziqiang; Zhao, Lin; Tian, Zhiling; Yang, Shoufeng
2019A facile method for fabricating a three-dimensional aligned fibrous scaffold for vascular applicationNg, Feng Lin; Ong, Yee Oon; Chen, Hui Zhi; Tran, Le Quan Ngoc; Cao, Ye; Tay, Bee Yen; Tan, Lay Poh
1994The history of the full licence banks and their recent branch developmentKwek, Karen Chew Hoon; Peh, Magdalene Tzu Feng; Tay, Bee Yen