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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Advanced oxidation processes coupled with membrane technology for water purificationChen, Dong
2003Aerobic biofilm technology for simultaneous removal of carbon and nitrogenDeng, Cailing
2003Aerobic granulation in sequencing batch reactorLiu, Qishan.
2003Anaerobic digestion of strong organic wasteLiu, Yu; Tay, Joo Hwa
2001Anaerobic digestion of strong wastesJeyaseelan, S.; Tay, Joo Hwa
2004Bioaugmentation with a thermophilic inoculum for enhanced bioconversion of sewage sludge and food waste into fertilizerTay, Joo Hwa; Tay, Stephen; Wang, Jing Yuan
2007Biodegradation of p-nitrophenol by aerobic granules in a sequencing batch reactorYi, Shan
2006Biodegradation of tert-butyl alcohol (TBA), and treatment of TBA contaminated wastewater by aerobic granulesZhuang, Weiqin
2002Biological nutrient removal using fixed-bed filtersLi, Huihua.
1999Biological treatment of high strength wastewaters using attached biomass filmsTay, Joo Hwa; Wilson, Francis
1996Characterization of microbial granulation process in upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) reactorsYan, Yue Gen
2003Coagulation pretreatment technology prior to reverse osmosis desalinationWilson, Francis; Graham, Nigel; Tay, Joo Hwa
2001Conversion of municipal sewage sludge to activated carbonJeyaseelan, S.; Tay, Joo Hwa; Graham, Nigel
1996Development of a vacuum distillation system for water purificationLow, Seow Chay; Jeyaseelan, S.; Tay, Joo Hwa
2004Development of methods and diagnostic kits for rapid microbiological monitoring of ballast water qualityTay, Joo Hwa; Tay, Stephen Tiong Lee; Volodymyr, Ivanov
2004Development of nitrifying biofilm for wastewater treatmentTay, Joo Hwa; Liu, Yu
2000Development of sintered sludge as construction materialsHong, Sze Yunn
2001Effect of membrane charge on nanofiltrationLiu, Jianlin
1996Effects of media characteristics on the performance of upflow anaerobic packed-bed reactorsShow, Kuan Yeow.
2003Enhanced photocatalytic oxidation technologySun, Darren Delai; Tay, Joo Hwa