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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Behavior of reinforced concrete eccentric and concentric beam-column joints under cyclic loadingZhou, Hua.
2001Behaviour of flat plate floor system with irregular column layoutTan, Halim Nyonata.
1997Behaviour of reinforced concrete deep beams under fatigue loadingMa, Wei
2014Cyclic behavior of post-tensioned slab-rectangular column connectionsHimawan, Aris; Teng, Susanto
2003Durability of tiled-wall and composite system under differential movement (phase I and II)Guan, Lingwei; Teng, Susanto; Yang, Tao
2016Durability of Very-High-Strength Concrete with Supplementary Cementitious Materials for Marine EnvironmentsLim, Tze Yang Darren; Teng, Susanto; Bahador, Sabet Divsholi; Gjørv, Odd E.
2014Durability properties and microstructure of ground granulated blast furnace slag cement concreteDivsholi, Bahador Sabet; Lim, Tze Yang Darren; Teng, Susanto
2013Estimation of strength, permeability and hydraulic diffusivity of Pozzolana blended concrete through pore size distributionKondraivendhan, B.; Divsholi, Bahador Sabet; Teng, Susanto
1996Experimental and analytical investigations on the ultimate strength and serviceability of structural concrete deep beamsPoh, Soon Ping.; Teng, Susanto.
2004Flexural behavior and design of irregular flat plate floorsTavio.
 2012In situ inspection of ultra durable concrete using electrical resistivity techniqueLim, Darren Tze Yang; Sabet Divsholi Bahador; Teng, Susanto
2014A micromechanical model for concrete under static loadingLiu, Yu; Teng, Susanto; Li, Qingliu
2001Micromechanics-based constitutive model and its application to lattice analysis of plain concreteLi, Qingliu.
2016Numerical simulation of plain concrete specimens with micromechanical model and simple lattice modelTeng, Susanto; Li, Qingliu; Liu, Yu
2001Performance of concrete deep beams under fatigue loadingMa, Wei; Teng, Susanto
2018Punching Shear Strength of Slabs and Influence of Low Reinforcement RatioTeng, Susanto; Chanthabouala, Khatthanam; Lim, Darren Tze Yang; Hidayat, Rhahmadatul
2001Punching shear strength of slabs with openings and supported on rectangular columnsKuang, Kok Leong.
2018Punching tests of double-hooked-end fiber reinforced concrete slabsChanthabouala, Khatthanam; Teng, Susanto; Chandra, Jimmy; Tan, Kang-Hai; Ostertag, Claudia P.
1998Shear behaviour of high-strength concrete beamsHe, Lihua.
2005Shear strength of RC columns under multi-directional loadingPaulus Irawan; Teng, Susanto; Maekawa, Koichi; Nguyen, Xuan Hoang